Saturday, January 13, 2007

AWAW: Venerable

Every now and then you hear someone describes a "venerable" it sounds like a good thing, but what does it really mean?



  1. Commanding respect by virtue of age, dignity, character, or position.

  2. Worthy of reverence, especially by religious or historical association: venerable relics.

  3. Venerable (Abbr. Ven. or V.)

    1. Roman Catholic Church. Used as a form of address for a person who has reached the first stage of canonization.
    2. Used as a form of address for an archdeacon in the Anglican Church or the Episcopal Church.

Wordnet says it like this:

Meaning #1: impressive by reason of age

Meaning #2: profoundly honored

Looks like quite a useful word, and one that is in reasonably comon use. So give it a try next time you meets someone that commands your respect :)

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At 8:09 PM, Blogger C4 said...

I'll have to remember to use this the next time I speak to my parents.

I also have favorite words and since I wanted to better know myself and others, I joined - take a look, you might like that site.


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